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Keeping your financial information safe is our highest priority. But there are also things you can do to help prevent fraud or identity theft from happening to you.

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Resources to Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

You work too hard to have to deal with the personal and financial difficulties that come with being a victim of fraud or identity theft. We employ security to keep your information safe. Additionally, you can take steps in your everyday life to keep yourself safe.

Fraud Prevention Tips

There are several things you can do online and off to negate your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

  • Keep firewalls and anti-virus programs on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone updated to the most current version.
  • Create strong passwords for all online logins and change them quarterly.
  • Do not click on links in emails from people you do not recognize or for business opportunities you did not request.
  • Heed warnings from your internet browser about unsafe websites.
  • Shred documents with account numbers and information.
  • Keep any paperwork containing financial or confidential information in a secured file cabinet.
  • Do not carry your passport or Social Security card with you in your wallet or purse.

Identity Theft Resources

  1. City State Bank does not request information through email or text messages. This type of fraud is also known as phishing.
  2. If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to be a representative of City State Bank, be sure it is a banker you are familiar with before giving confidential information.   If you are unsure, ask what location the representative is calling from, hang-up the phone and call the representative back with a phone number that you have looked up yourself.

Use the following resources from the Federal Trade Commission to prevent identity theft:

If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft or fraud, please contact your City State Bank Office as soon as possible.

Corporate Account Takeover

Corporate Account Takeover is a type of business identity theft where cyber thieves gain control of a business' bank account by stealing employee passwords and other valid credentials. Thieves can then initiate fraudulent wire and ACH transactions to accounts controlled by the thieves.

Resources for Business Account Holders

Examples of Deceptive Ways Criminals Contact Account Holders

  • The FDIC does not directly contact bank customers (especially related to ACH and Wire transactions, account suspension, or security alerts), nor does the FDIC request bank customers to install software upgrades. Such messages should be treated as fraudulent and the account holder should permanently delete them and not click on any links.
  • Messages or inquiries from the Internal Revenue Service, Better Business Bureau, NACHA, and almost any other organization asking the customer to install software, provide account information or access credentials is probably fraudulent and should be verified before any files are opened, software in installed, or information is provided.
  • Phone calls and text messages requesting sensitive information are likely fraudulent. If in doubt, account holders should contact the organization at the phone number the customer obtained from a different source (such as the number they have on file, that is on their most recent statement, or that is from the organization's website). Account holders should never call phone numbers (even local prefixes) that are listed in the suspicious email or text message.
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