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Private Banking

A complex financial life doesn’t have to feel like a burden to manage. Our private banking specialists provide exclusive banking services dedicated to your unique circumstances.  

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The Highest Standard of Banking Service

Success is hard to come by with no plan of action. For high-net-worth individuals and their families, we believe the right financial partner to guide you through the myriad of financial questions is the crucial difference between success and frustration.

What is Private Banking?

In short, private banking aims at simplifying the financial lives of affluent individuals. We look at your current financial situation to help secure the standard of living you want today and in the future.

Our Private Banking provides:

Exclusive Banking Services

  • Personalized banking service
  • Personal banker
  • Special rates on Deposit Accounts
  • Printed Private Banking Checks
  • Domestic Wires (some restrictions apply)
  • Exclusive Debit Card with increased daily ATM and purchase limit

Fee Benefits

  • Refund ATM fees charged by other ATM owners (5 times per statement period)
  • Discount on large safety deposit boxes
  • Free Private Banking Member design card

Credit Services

  • Construction Loan
  • Agriculture Loans
  • Lot Loan
  • Mortgages
  • Pledged Investment Accounts

Get Started Today

Don’t go another day with the burden of your finances solely on your shoulders. Get in touch with our staff to schedule an initial appointment. 


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